BLNDR | Blocaus




French artist based in Paris, BLNDR is an emerging figure of the contemporary deep techno scene. When it comes to his productions, He has his own characteristic deep sound : deep rhythms and atmospheric elements have always played a major role in his music. BLNDR released on labels such as Hypnus Records & Silent Season and have been remixed by artists such as Cio D’or , Svreca or Evigt Morker. Having many others big projects in the pipeline to be released in the next months, BLNDR is surely someone to watch. BLNDR’s hard work has been recognised and rewarded with many gigs in France and abroad such as KHIDI in Tbilissi, Contact in Tokyo, Vurt in Seoul, Bloc. in London, Concrete and Rex Club in Paris, Tresor and About Blank in Berlin. Expect much more in the months and years to come for this talented artist!



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