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Von Grall



French artist based in Paris, Von Grall is an emerging figure of the French contemporary deep techno scene. Von Grall is a DJ full of character and style while on the decks, and his productions have currently pushed him to the forefront of the deep techno community. Indeed, Von Grall’s hard work has been recognised and rewarded with many gigs in France an abroad such as KHIDI in Tbilissi, Contact in Tokyo, Vurt in Seoul or Tresor in Berlin.

Von Grall grow up his sound combining deep aesthetics and atmospheric elements. Profound, Immersive and ritualistic is what succintly describes his style. Without a doubt, every single set from him is unique and carries a degree of texture and richness that is just truly unrivaled. After releasing on Semantica Records, Planet Rhythm and Annulled Music in 2014, Von Grall shared a split EP with Milton Bradley on Shipwerk sublabel Deep Sound Channel. Von Grall has also put out some records on Midgar records, label where he has released two EPs. He is surely someone to lookout for, having many other big projects in the pipeline to be released in the months to come.